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Described by some as 'Rap's Best Kept Secret' because of his ongoing impact behind Hip Hop's closed doors, Swamp Izzo has earned a reputation as one of the most influential individuals in hip hop. Possessing not only the ear and ability to predict future hit makers, Izzo has also attained the resources and following needed to provide artists with the exposure required to achieve stardom. Swamp's track record includes having launched the careers of artists such as Gucci Mane, Future, and Young Thug. He has been Cash Money's official DJ since 2014 and toured with Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. He previously served as the official DJ for President Barack Obama's international military tour. He curates music for Sirius XM's Hip Hop Nation, Atlanta’s V103 FM and DTLR Radio.


These accomplishments have led to invitations to exclusive six-figure DJ residencies which Swamp has steadfastly refused, in order remain house DJ at Atlanta's Blue Flame Lounge, allowing Izzo to track the pulse of the streets. In an industry so frequently driven by superficial pursuits, Swamp Izzo's humble and selfless approach has baffled many. Understanding Izzo is only possible once recognizing how he his driven, not by wealth or fame, but by a desire to empower deserving artists and guide them in finding their audiences. Swamps supporting of these artists enables them to avoid the hardships he had to overcome. 

Today, Swamp not only discovers artists but also develops them into stars. He's been the first to take artists like Gucci Mane on the road for their initial exposure outside of Atlanta. He's provided creative direction to artists like Nayvadius Wilburn, who Swamp guided towards his better known moniker, Future. Swamp also helped Future attain his first paid show, as he has for countless other Atlanta stars. Swamp regularly acts as A&R, selecting hits for artists like Young Thug. As seen with Thugger's 'Lifestyle', Swamp is able to use his influence to spread songs geographically, providing the momentum needed to turn records into national hits.


The reverence todays emerging rappers possess for Swamp is exemplified by how his newest artist, Toronto rapper Shah, turned down major label record deals to align himself with Swamp, stating "Swamp is Atlanta's most powerful cosign. He brings more weight than most labels and managers combined". While this opinion has long been held in Atlanta and the Southeast, the fact that Swamp's pull now stretches internationally shows that 'Rap's best kept secret' might not be a secret much longer.

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